Fried Rice

Fried Rice

by Guagua Nizi

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I don’t want to go out on a rainy day!
Open the refrigerator, take out all the ingredients you can use, make a simple pot of fried rice with a bowl of delicious seaweed soup, and share it with your family!
Life is warm everywhere!


Fried Rice

1. Wash and cut the ingredients. Dice beef with broth, carrots, sausages, and sausages. (Family don’t like hard carrots. They cut carrots and cook them in water, so that carrots are sticky and sweet) Shred the cabbage (you can replace it with other dishes if you don't like to eat cabbage, or leave it alone)

Fried Rice recipe

2. Add some salt to the eggs and break them!

Fried Rice recipe

3. Heat oil in the pan

Fried Rice recipe

4. Low heat, pour the eggs into the pot and stir quickly with chopsticks, the more crushed the eggs are, the better

Fried Rice recipe

5. Start the pot when it's a little bit cooked, and eat it after it's too cooked, it will be too dry and not delicious!

Fried Rice recipe

6. Continue to heat up a little oil in the pan, add the three dices, stir fry

Fried Rice recipe

7. Add the cabbage and continue to stir-fry until the cabbage is cooked through, then add the right amount of salt and chicken essence to cook!

Fried Rice recipe

8. Heat the oil in the pan and add the rice to stir fry! Small fire

Fried Rice recipe

9. Add a little soy sauce to make it fresh! Stir-fry evenly! Still a small fire

Fried Rice recipe

10. Add beef and eggs with broth, continue to stir fry on low heat!

Fried Rice recipe

11. Finally add the cabbage and three diced ingredients, continue to stir-fry on low heat until even!

Fried Rice recipe

12. Out of the pot and plate! Began to eat!

Fried Rice recipe


If the cabbage is replaced with snow cabbage, it will be super delicious!


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