Seasonal Vegetable Pancake

Seasonal Vegetable Pancake

by Corduroy

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Seasonal vegetable pancakes, this is an excellent choice for single nutrition fast food. Because fried pancakes can be used as both rice and vegetable, you can take whatever you have at your fingertips, and the meat can be shredded pork, sea rice or egg. It is better to have leftover cakes at home. If not, they can be readily sold in the nearby vegetable market or supermarket. Cut the vegetables and the cakes. After the pan is fried, stir-fry the ingredients one by one, season with some salt and light soy sauce, until the cooked cakes are soft and scented with balsamic vinegar, which saves time, money, nutrition and tastes delicious. how about it? When you are at home alone, you might as well come and play such a plate.


Seasonal Vegetable Pancake

1. Shred the cooked oil cake, cabbage, carrot and water-fat fungus separately

2. After rinsing, soak in warm water until soft, and dry the surface moisture

3. Heat the pan, inject vegetable oil, add sea rice and stir for a fresh fragrance

Seasonal Vegetable Pancake recipe

4. Add dried red pepper and green onion ginger and stir fry

5. Add cabbage, carrots and black fungus, stir fry over high heat, cook with cooking wine and light soy sauce to taste

6. Spread a layer of cake shreds on the dish, add a little hot water, and cover the pot

Seasonal Vegetable Pancake recipe

7. When the water in the pot is dry and the cake becomes soft, spray a little balsamic vinegar and stir fry evenly

8. Sprinkle with scallions, ready to serve

Seasonal Vegetable Pancake recipe
Seasonal Vegetable Pancake recipe


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