Fruit Corn Balls

Fruit Corn Balls

by Tianshan Cocoa

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Every year at the gathering of relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, there are adults and dolls, and they will order some dishes that adults like to eat, and then some dishes that children like to eat. The dessert must have corn balls. This is a beet made of sweet corn and small glutinous rice balls. It is more suitable for the taste of the dolls, and also suitable for the adults who are tired of eating big fish and meat. If you even eat a lot of spicy dishes, take a spoonful of this corn ball, it is a very refreshing dish, which can fill your stomach and relieve the spicy. This time I made glutinous rice balls, I specially made pumpkin glutinous rice balls, and kept the corn dumplings. I use the sweet corn in the refrigerator at any time, and it is a spare stock. But if it is pure corn balls, I feel too monotonous, although the restaurant is made of pure sweet corn and small glutinous rice balls. I don't want to move in like this, so I just add the fruits I like to eat. Although dragon fruit is not so fond of eating, it is attracted by its beautiful appearance. Besides, dragon fruit also has the effect of whitening and preventing dark spots. This is the point. I love the smelly, and I like this effect the most. Kiwi fruit has a high content of vitamin C. This is the best way to supplement vitamin C. It is added to corn balls. It has a good taste of sweet and sour and can be appetizing and greasy. This fruit corn ball is an indispensable good dessert for festivals. .

Pitaya can prevent constipation, promote eye health, increase bone density, help cell membrane formation, prevent anemia, anti-neuritis, angular cheilitis, lower cholesterol, skin whitening and anti-dark spots, as well as detoxify heavy metals and resist free radicals. , Prevent senile disease, slimming, prevent colorectal cancer and other effects. The newer research results show that the juice of dragon fruit and branch has a positive effect on tumor growth, virus and immune response suppression and other diseases. Kiwifruit contains excellent dietary fiber and rich antioxidants, which can clear heat and reduce fire, moisturize dryness and laxatives, and can effectively prevent and treat constipation and hemorrhoids.


Fruit Corn Balls

1. Main ingredients: sweet corn, small glutinous rice balls, accessories: sugar, dragon fruit, kiwi fruit, water starch

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

2. Peel sweet corn into corn kernels

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

3. Wash dragon fruit, peeled and diced

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

4. Wash dragon fruit, peeled and diced

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

5. Add cold water to the soup pot and bring it to a boil. Add the corn kernels and start to boil and pick up. Pick up in cold water

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

6. Boil the small glutinous rice balls in boiling water and pick them up in cold water

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

7. Hot pot with a little vegetable oil, small glutinous rice balls

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

8. Add fruit

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

9. Add a little water and stir fry evenly

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

10. Add sugar and stir fry evenly, and fry until the sugar melts

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

11. Water-added starch

Fruit Corn Balls recipe

12. Stir-fry evenly

Fruit Corn Balls recipe


Kiwi should be hard and hard. If you like to eat sour and sour, you can add more kiwi corn. Sweet corn must be used, so that the taste is good, and the fruit can be matched according to your own taste.


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