Glutinous rice dumplings

Glutinous rice dumplings

The weather is getting colder and colder, I like to eat sweet and soft glutinous rice balls to make the whole stomach warm and happy







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How to make it (Glutinous rice dumplings)

1. The glutinous rice can be bought loose or bottled
Glutinous rice dumplings recipe
2. Red dates are sweet and can increase the sweetness
Glutinous rice dumplings recipe
3. This is home-picked honey, nutritious and healthy
Glutinous rice dumplings recipe
4. I like to eat glutinous rice balls without fillings. I decide how many glutinous rice balls to put in according to my appetite
Glutinous rice dumplings recipe
5. After putting the water down, scoop three spoons of glutinous rice, put four red dates and boil until the red dates swell, then put down the glutinous rice, then turn on the high heat to make the water in the pot become viscous, and the glutinous rice will gradually grow bigger. All right.
Glutinous rice dumplings recipe
6. When the water becomes viscous and the color darkens, the red dates can be boiled until they are swollen and can be cut into small pieces with a spoon in the pot, so it is fine.
Glutinous rice dumplings recipe

According to personal preference, I like a softer glutinous taste, so the time is about five minutes. Honey can also be replaced with brown sugar, not necessarily honey. It is better to soak red dates in advance.


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