Fruit Dumplings

Fruit Dumplings

by Huaer's gourmet kitchen

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The sweet and glutinous glutinous glutinous rice dumplings are paired with delicious seasonal fruits. They are sour, sweet and delicious. Children’s favorites.

Fruit Dumplings

1. About 120 grams of glutinous rice flour can make 30 small glutinous rice balls. So you prepare glutinous rice flour according to the amount your family eats.

Fruit Dumplings recipe

2. The glutinous rice flour needs to use boiling water to stick together, and the water should not be too hot, so after the water in the thermos is poured out, we weigh the glutinous rice flour we need. The temperature is just right. Stir with chopsticks while pouring, knead it into a ball, and let it stand for 10 minutes.

Fruit Dumplings recipe

3. Knead it into 5g glutinous rice balls each, and knead them. When you just let it stand, be sure to cover it with plastic wrap. The moist glutinous rice balls are especially easy to knead into small balls. Just rub them a little bit.

Fruit Dumplings recipe

4. Wash dragon fruit, kiwi fruit, and strawberry, and cut into small pieces. You can also use mango, pineapple, apple, and choose the fruit that your family likes.

Fruit Dumplings recipe

5. After the water is boiled, put the glutinous rice balls in, cook until the glutinous rice balls float up, then cook for 2 minutes on medium heat and turn off the heat. Because the diced fruit is still a little sour, put some sugar on it, it tastes better.

Fruit Dumplings recipe

6. Do not cook the diced fruit, put it directly into a bowl after cutting.

Fruit Dumplings recipe

7. Pour in the cooked glutinous rice balls and soup, so that a bowl of refreshing and glutinous fruit glutinous rice balls is ready.

Fruit Dumplings recipe


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