Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

by Jamie Pastoral

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In summer, there are the most varieties of fruits. I like to eat salads. In summer, I will change to make salads with different fruits. All kinds of salads are very popular with my family. Salads are often eaten, but the preparation of salad dressings is different. This time, I used yogurt to make a fruit salad. While enjoying a different taste, this salad is zero burden and healthier.


Fruit Salad

1. Prepare the watermelon, wash the apples and peel the bananas

Fruit Salad recipe

2. Apple cut into pieces

Fruit Salad recipe

3. Banana cut into sections

Fruit Salad recipe

4. Peel the watermelon, remove the seeds, take the flesh, and cut into pieces

Fruit Salad recipe

5. All fruits in a container

Fruit Salad recipe

6. Add yogurt, stir well and enjoy

Fruit Salad recipe


1. Fruit selection is based on personal preference.
2. If you like the icy taste, you can put the fruit in the refrigerator before enjoying it.


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