Four Fruit Soup

Four Fruit Soup

by Laugh dessert

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When I was young, my favorite food in summer was the four fruit soup. Now I make it by myself, which is more hygienic. You can add whatever ingredients you like.


Four Fruit Soup

1. All the ingredients are ready, steam on the pot for about 30 minutes

Four Fruit Soup recipe

2. Add 200 grams of tea to white jelly and mix well

Four Fruit Soup recipe

3. Quick freezing for half an hour

Four Fruit Soup recipe

4. Watermelon diced

Four Fruit Soup recipe

5. Mix all the ingredients together, you can also add your favorite smoothies, and sugar water

Four Fruit Soup recipe

6. Add some honey

Four Fruit Soup recipe


You can add taro balls and ada seeds for a richer taste. You can also add pineapple to the fruit.


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