Pikachu Bento

Pikachu Bento

by Angel falling to earth

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Pikachu is a short, chubby and round rodent-like Pokémon with yellow fur. Its ears are very long and the tips are black. It has a small mouth, looks like a number 3 on the side, and black eyes. There are two red circles on its cheeks.


Pikachu Bento

1. Prepare the ingredients

Pikachu Bento recipe

2. Juice purple cabbage, add water and boil cornstarch, separate egg white and egg yolk

Pikachu Bento recipe

3. Add corn starch water to egg white and egg yolk separately, and add a little bit of purple cabbage juice to egg white

Pikachu Bento recipe

4. Spread the egg liquid into an omelet in a nonstick pan

Pikachu Bento recipe

5. Heat the oil in the wok, add the shredded pork and stir fry

Pikachu Bento recipe

6. Add the diced shiitake mushrooms and stir fry for a while. Add a little water and salt to collect the juice and bring out the pan

Pikachu Bento recipe

7. Continue to put oil in the wok, add gluten and fungus to stir fry for a while after the oil is hot

Pikachu Bento recipe

8. Cut in tomatoes and stir-fry with a little salt

Pikachu Bento recipe

9. Crab sticks cooked and set aside

Pikachu Bento recipe

10. Egg pancakes, crab sticks, and seaweed are carved into the shape of Pikachu

Pikachu Bento recipe

11. Blanch the amaranth and squeeze out the juice

Pikachu Bento recipe

12. Mix the amaranth juice into the rice

Pikachu Bento recipe

13. Put the rice in the bento box, put on Pikachu, and put lettuce on the side

Pikachu Bento recipe

14. Put the fried vegetables and fruits on top of the lettuce

Pikachu Bento recipe

15. Fill in the blanks with extra quiche rolls, make a football with crab sticks and seaweed, and put the salad dressing out of the white part on the clothes and eyes.

Pikachu Bento recipe


Just blanch the amaranth, don't cook it for a long time, or it will change color.


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