Fungus Tofu Stir-fry

Fungus Tofu Stir-fry

by Niu Ma Kitchen

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The two kinds of ingredients like fungus tofu are very popular with my family. I felt that I bought less all night today, so I temporarily soaked the fungus in warm water while cooking. This black and white match looks really appetizing, I add a little celery according to my personal preference. In this way, the color and taste are improved to a higher level.


Fungus Tofu Stir-fry

1. Prepare celery, tofu, and fungus.

Fungus Tofu Stir-fry recipe

2. Add oil to the hot pot and turn the heat to a low heat to heat the oil.

Fungus Tofu Stir-fry recipe

3. Then change the tofu into the pot.

Fungus Tofu Stir-fry recipe

4. Fry until the second side tastes out, then take out the pan for later use.

Fungus Tofu Stir-fry recipe

5. Heat the wok, add a little oil and fry the fungus and celery in the pan.

Fungus Tofu Stir-fry recipe

6. Then put the fried tofu into the pot, and add fine salt and cooking wine to enhance the flavor.

Fungus Tofu Stir-fry recipe

7. Add a little soy sauce to enhance the flavor before starting the pan, and fry until the ingredients are delicious

Fungus Tofu Stir-fry recipe


When frying the tofu, be careful not to turn it over too much.


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