Garlic Pie

Garlic Pie

by Sugar Duck I

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There is too much garlic, can't finish eating, sprout


Garlic Pie

1. Take garlic sprouts

Garlic Pie recipe

2. minced

Garlic Pie recipe

3. Flour, yeast, water, and mix well. Ferment for 25 minutes.

Garlic Pie recipe

4. Minced meat, scallion, ginger, oil, egg, salt, stir well. Into stuffing.

Garlic Pie recipe

5. After the noodles are fermented, they will be sticky, and the flour will be used as a base. Roll into a thin bun and put it in the stuffing and wrap. Pressed into small cakes

Garlic Pie recipe

6. Add oil to the baking pan, and put in the cakes when it's hot. Out of the pot

Garlic Pie recipe


The noodles must be fermented and soft, so that the outside is green and the inside is tender. The garlic sprouts are cut and eaten now.


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