Griddle Cauliflower

Griddle Cauliflower

by Xingwu

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Scientists in the United States and other countries have found that the main ingredients of cauliflower have anti-cancer effects. Cauliflower contains "Sofrafen", which can stimulate cells to produce type Ⅱ enzymes, which are beneficial to the body. This kind of enzyme with very strong anti-cancer activity can make cells form a membrane against the erosion of foreign carcinogens and play a positive role in preventing a variety of cancers. American scientists pointed out that in addition to preventing cancer, cauliflower contains an active compound "sulforaphane" that can help the immune system clean up harmful bacteria that accumulate in the lungs. It's absolutely right to eat more such anti-cancer foods.


Griddle Cauliflower

1. Divide the cauliflower into small pieces and soak in light salt water for 15 minutes. You can soak out the small bugs and pesticides inside, but please be careful not to exceed 15 minutes, otherwise the pesticides will seep into the cauliflower, which is a bad thing.

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

2. Thinly sliced pork belly

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

3. Ingredients: sliced green and red pepper, appropriate amount of ginger and garlic, dried chili, pepper, Pixian Douban, cooking wine

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

4. After the water is boiled, put the cauliflower in blanching water until it is broken, and immediately put it in cold water to shake it to cool, so as to keep it crisp

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

5. Put the pork belly in shallow oil to explode the lard to reduce the fatness, and spray the cooking wine to remove the fishy

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

6. Push the fried pork belly to the side, add ginger, garlic, dried chili, pepper, and Pixian watercress in the oil and saute slowly until fragrant.

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

7. Add the blanched cauliflower and stir fry together

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

8. Add green and red peppers and stir fry together. Put the green and red peppers last, otherwise there will be no shape

Griddle Cauliflower recipe

9. Add the chicken essence and stir-fry evenly and get the pan evenly. I hope everyone likes it, try it too, it should be zero failure

Griddle Cauliflower recipe


Blanch the cauliflower with water to keep it crisp.


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