Salted Egg Steamed Meat Cake

Salted Egg Steamed Meat Cake

by Moonfall Wu Cry (from Tencent...)

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This dish was eaten when I went to the hotel to eat. My son liked it very much and asked me to come home and cook it. I thought about it. I added a few vegetables to the meat, so that the meat and vegetables will match, the nutrition is better, and the taste is good, the steamed salted egg yolk feels very delicious on its own, and the soup is also very delicious!


Salted Egg Steamed Meat Cake

1. The minced meat is marinated with salt, cooking wine, soy sauce, corn starch, and water.

Salted Egg Steamed Meat Cake recipe

2. Some broccoli, carrots and mushrooms, diced.

Salted Egg Steamed Meat Cake recipe

3. Add the vegetables to the minced meat, first use the direction chopsticks to stir in the same direction, and then stir vigorously with your hands.

Salted Egg Steamed Meat Cake recipe

4. Then put the mixed meat filling on a plate and press it into a meatloaf shape, add a salted egg yolk on top, and press half of it into the meat filling.

Salted Egg Steamed Meat Cake recipe

5. Put it in a steamer, bring to a boil, and steam for 25 minutes. The soup will come out after steaming, don't pour it out, it's delicious!

Salted Egg Steamed Meat Cake recipe


The meat is best not to be lean, a little fat is more delicious! Otherwise it is very chai!


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