Grilled Lamb Brisket

Grilled Lamb Brisket

by Wanshanhong

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Now it’s so convenient to make barbecue at home. There are various barbecue ingredients. Buy it and marinate it. The roasted meat is delicious and very easy. You can make delicious barbecue without much effort. With zero cooking skills, you can easily get barbecue at home. The Wanjiaxiang marinade that I used for cooking today, just put it in proportion, and it tastes great. For the meat, I choose the lamb belly. In comparison, the lamb belly has tendons and fat, so it is a bit difficult for novices to roast directly, so the method I shared today is absolutely zero difficulty, and the meat is soft and rotten. The method is to cook first and then fry, cook the meat to marinate, and then fry. The outside is burnt and the inside is soft and rotten. Let's make the delicious and ready-made fried lamb belly.


Grilled Lamb Brisket

1. Lamb belly used today

Grilled Lamb Brisket recipe

2. Don't need too much seasoning, just add the green onion and ginger water to boil, turn to low heat and cook for 30-40 minutes to cook the meat. I like to cook for 40 minutes and chewy for 30 minutes

Grilled Lamb Brisket recipe

3. Take out the cooked meat, the cooked meat I used is 300 grams

Grilled Lamb Brisket recipe

4. Cut the meat into 5mm thick slices

Grilled Lamb Brisket recipe

5. Add 15 grams of marinade. The ratio of the marinade to the meat is 5:100, add 10 grams of rice wine, or you can add water

Grilled Lamb Brisket recipe

6. Grab a little longer to let the marinade fully taste

Grilled Lamb Brisket recipe

7. Cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate in the refrigerator, marinate for half a day, let it fully taste

Grilled Lamb Brisket recipe

8. I use a thick-bottomed cast iron frying pan. After the pan is heated, put a little cooking oil and put in the marinated lamb belly. Don't stir it in a hurry. Fry on medium heat for about 2 minutes.

Grilled Lamb Brisket recipe

9. Fry it until one side is browned, turn it over, and fry the other side until browned.

Grilled Lamb Brisket recipe

10. The fried lamb belly is very delicious, easy and delicious using only the culinary Wanjiaxiang marinade. "Happy kitchen, taste life, search for "ecooking" on Taobao to buy the same delicacy"

Grilled Lamb Brisket recipe


Don't put the other seasonings in the marinade, the flavor is very full.


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