Healthy Lamb Belly Pot

Healthy Lamb Belly Pot

by Double Ying

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Lamb is most suitable for eating in winter! Warm tonic medicated diet!


Healthy Lamb Belly Pot

1. Lamb belly fly water. Wash and slice bamboo cane, peel and cut carrots, and peel off horseshoes. Peel and slice ginger. Remove the pits of the red dates, and wash the medlar. Wash the angelica, slice it, and soak it in water for later use! ok!

Healthy Lamb Belly Pot recipe

2. Heat the pan with cold oil and sauté the ginger slices on medium heat!

Healthy Lamb Belly Pot recipe

3. Add the lamb and fry both sides of the lamb belly over medium-low heat! Add the oil, salt, wine, and stir well.

Healthy Lamb Belly Pot recipe

4. Add the angelica, and the soaking water, and stir well. Then add bamboo cane, horseshoe, carrots, and stir-fry for about 4 minutes.

Healthy Lamb Belly Pot recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of water to make the meat noodles, as shown in the picture. After the water is boiled, sprinkle with red dates and medlar. Simmer for eight hours on a medium-to-low heat, and finally harvest the juice on a high heat.

Healthy Lamb Belly Pot recipe


Adding angelica and bamboo cane can eliminate the smell of mutton!


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