Lamb and Radish Soup

Lamb and Radish Soup

by Master Durian

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Lamb and Radish Soup

1. Cut the mutton into pieces, soak in clean water for 2 hours, change the water halfway, soak the bleeding water, and remove the fishy. Then pour cold water into the pot, add lamb, cooking wine, and 3 slices of ginger to boil. After boiling, remove the meat and set aside.

Lamb and Radish Soup recipe

2. Put in another casserole, pour in water, boil, add the blanched lamb, 7 slices of ginger, white wine, and simmer for an hour on low heat.

Lamb and Radish Soup recipe

3. At this time, add wolfberry, radish, and salt, continue to simmer for 40 minutes and turn off the heat. When eating, add green onion, coriander, pepper, etc. according to personal taste.

Lamb and Radish Soup recipe


Deodorizing mutton is very important. After the water in the casserole is boiled, put the lamb to prevent the lamb from being stewed.


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