Hand Cake

Hand Cake

by Exquisite Life Sister Juan

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In the past, family members wanted to eat hand-cooked biscuits and made them with noodles. Now that time is tight, they can only buy ready-made pie crusts.


Hand Cake

1. Preheat the electric baking pan, apply a little oil, and then put the crust and sausage on the top. Note that the crust is frozen and preserved. There is no need to thaw before cooking.

Hand Cake recipe

2. When the cake has changed significantly, it is 5 minutes cooked, that is, when it becomes a little transparent, add an egg, spread the whole cake with a spatula, and set it on the reverse side.

Hand Cake recipe

3. When both sides are cooked and turned golden brown, we can put in our ingredients,,, when pancakes, you can mix the dishes with the sauce.

Hand Cake recipe

4. I use a clip to help roll it up, it's very convenient

Hand Cake recipe


If you want to have a level, use a spatula to press out when frying, and beat it... and the ingredients of my sauce are disclosed by professionals, because her family does this, so it’s so good to tell me secretly, haha... dears Can try


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