Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie

Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie

by Haitian Yishi 6305

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It’s very hard for office workers to get up in the morning. The alarm clock rang several times. Check the watch and set a new one, even if it’s 5 minutes. At the last glance, it really can’t stand it anymore. They get up quickly, sprint and usually simply wash and rush. go to work. Therefore, I usually go to work hungry without eating breakfast, and my stomach will growl at around ten o'clock, which will cause stomach problems for a long time. In fact, I am also lazy in the morning, but I will get up 5 minutes early to make this pie. There are vegetables and eggs and it is nutritious. After it is done, I will eat one with my husband. The whole morning is full of nutrition, and I don’t have to go to work hungry anymore. . Friends will ask you how you can make this pie in just 5 minutes. Actually, there are some tricks. There are a lot of pastry crusts on the market now, and you can buy one for 50 cents, and you can save noodles. Prepare the pie crust after get off work the night before, adjust the zucchini filling, get up early and simply pan and bake the nutritious vegetable pie. It looks particularly simple. Do you want to eat it? Collect it now and do it!


Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie

1. Peel the zucchini, remove the flesh and rub it into filaments, sprinkle with salt to remove the water and pour out

Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie recipe

2. Add five spice powder and mix well

Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie recipe

3. Add oil to the pot and heat up, then pour the egg mixture and stir-fry while using chopsticks to scatter

Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie recipe

4. After the eggs are allowed to cool, pour in the zucchini shreds and mix well to make the filling

Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie recipe

5. Spread the dough flat and put the filling on one side

Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie recipe

6. Spread a little water around the edges of the stuffed dough

Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie recipe

7. Put the other side of the leather bag over, press the lower edge to make the two sides glued together

Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie recipe

8. Put it in a saucepan and broil over medium-low heat

Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie recipe

9. When brown spots appear on one side, turn it over and sear the other side until cooked

Zucchini Egg Vegetable Pie recipe


1. Zucchini is very fresh and tender, so you must first use salt to kill its moisture, otherwise too much water is not good for the next step; 2. Add water to the egg and scrambled eggs will be particularly tender; 3. The pasta is bought. So you have to apply a circle of water on the edge to glue the two pieces together.


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