Hawthorn Gnocchi

Hawthorn Gnocchi

by Jamie Pastoral

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This hawthorn glutinous rice ball uses hawthorn to the extreme. Hawthorn sauce and noodles, hawthorn sauce for filling. The sweet and sour glutinous rice balls are delicious.

Hawthorn Gnocchi

1. Prepare Hawthorn Juice

Hawthorn Gnocchi recipe

2. Put glutinous rice flour, a little wheat flour, hawthorn juice, and some water in the container

Hawthorn Gnocchi recipe

3. And let it stand for a while

Hawthorn Gnocchi recipe

4. Make Hawthorn Sauce in advance

Hawthorn Gnocchi recipe

5. Take an appropriate amount of glutinous rice ball, press flat and add hawthorn sauce

Hawthorn Gnocchi recipe

6. Wrap the bean paste stuffing tightly with noodles, reunite, and form glutinous rice balls

Hawthorn Gnocchi recipe

7. Add water to the boiling pot to bring to a boil, boil the glutinous rice balls in the pot, turn off the heat when cooked, serve and enjoy

Hawthorn Gnocchi recipe


1. Fillings are selected according to personal preference.
2. Glutinous rice flour is too sticky, add some wheat flour to neutralize it.


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