High-nutrient Clam Soup

High-nutrient Clam Soup

by Nicole

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Are there any classmates like me who eat meaty horses, who don’t like big pieces and enjoyable ones, prefer more bones and less meat; those who eat fruity horses, don’t like foods that can be eaten directly, but prefer those with more skin and less meat and seafood God horse, I don’t like the one with big mouth, but I prefer the one with more shells and less meat... At the risk of being kicked out by my mother, I still want to say, I think it’s more enjoyable to eat like this


High-nutrient Clam Soup

1. Cut off the roots of enoki mushroom, wash, and shred the ginger;

2. Put shredded ginger in the pot and pour enough water;

High-nutrient Clam Soup recipe

3. Add a teaspoon of concentrated chicken juice, stir well and bring to a boil on high heat;

4. After the soup is boiled, add the clams;

High-nutrient Clam Soup recipe

5. Cook until the clams are opened, then put in the kelp knot;

6. Cook for 2 minutes, add enoki mushrooms, stir well and continue to cook for 1 minute, turn off the heat, and add appropriate amount of chopped green onions.

High-nutrient Clam Soup recipe
High-nutrient Clam Soup recipe


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