Home-style Braised Noodles

Home-style Braised Noodles

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I belong to a typical pasta lover, and I don’t like it!
In addition, I also like it because it is simple but delicious. In short, I like it. I especially wanted to eat braised noodles, so I made it myself and used the ingredients in the refrigerator directly. This is really good. My son liked it so much, he ate most of it!


Home-style Braised Noodles

1. Take out the ginger noodles

Home-style Braised Noodles recipe

2. After the water has boiled, add an appropriate amount of noodles and stir with chopsticks. To avoid sticking together, make the following preparations at the same time

Home-style Braised Noodles recipe

3. Shred carrots and green peppers

Home-style Braised Noodles recipe

4. Eggplant shreds or slices are fine, according to personal preference

Home-style Braised Noodles recipe

5. Ginger slices, garlic slices, green onions cut into sections

Home-style Braised Noodles recipe

6. It just so happens that the noodles are almost 5 mature, white heart. Just use cold water

Home-style Braised Noodles recipe

7. Serve out to the plate

Home-style Braised Noodles recipe

8. Heat the pot, add canola oil, then pour in the eggplant, carrots and chili that you just prepared and stir-fry for a while, then add ginger garlic dried pepper, add a little salt and watercress

Home-style Braised Noodles recipe

9. Pour in the noodles, add a little water to prevent sticking to the pan, then cover the pan, simmer over a low heat, about 3 minutes, you can start the pan, you can also add a little oil!

Home-style Braised Noodles recipe


Adding oil consumption in the middle, and soy sauce can make it color better. Ha noodles can be the kind of water noodles, the strength is better


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