Homemade Bean Curd

Homemade Bean Curd

by Shanshan 167261

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In fact, I have always liked to eat bean curd. Last time I made it. The internal fat came out according to the feeling, but it failed to be accurate. This time I carefully weighed the soybean meat fat and successfully made bean curd

Tofu is calm in nature, has the effects of nourishing deficiency, moisturizing dryness, clearing the lungs and resolving phlegm. Modern medical research believes that middle-aged and elderly women drinking Douhua has obvious benefits for health and delaying aging. Douhua contains oxidants, minerals and vitamins, and women should take it. Drinking bean curd is the main one, supplemented by milk, which can have a better effect on your health."


Homemade Bean Curd

1. Soak the soybeans in water overnight

Homemade Bean Curd recipe

2. Put the soaked soybeans into the food processor

Homemade Bean Curd recipe

3. Filter the ground soy milk with a yarn bag

Homemade Bean Curd recipe

4. Boil the soy milk for about 4-5 minutes. Keep stirring with your hands to prevent it from burning. Finally, remove the foam.

Homemade Bean Curd recipe

5. Add an appropriate amount of internal fat and dissolve it with cold water, pour in the boiled soy milk

Homemade Bean Curd recipe

6. Forming in 20 minutes

Homemade Bean Curd recipe

7. Add white sugar and decorate with goji berries to finish

Homemade Bean Curd recipe


1. The ratio of beans to water is 1:10, so it can't be thinned, it's too thin to solidify.

2. Soybeans should be soaked thoroughly, and the pulp will be high. At the same time, the soy milk will be more delicate and taste better.

3. The weight of the said lactone must be just right, otherwise it will be sour if it is too much, and it will not be solidified if it is less.

4. There are many ways to eat the prepared bean curd. You can add sugar or chili.


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