Homemade Delicious Duck Neck

Homemade Delicious Duck Neck

by Lan Bingying

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Another week is the 31st Summer Olympic Games, the time for the Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Because of the time difference between Rio and Beijing time, Lan Lan has already thought of what the August night will be like:

In the evening, the neighbors cheered for the Chinese Olympic athletes together and shouted: good shots! another one! Fast, fast! The people behind will catch up with you soon! Hurry up! Won! we won!

At such an exciting moment, the family must toast and celebrate, discussing the game just now with the beer.

Drinking beer is boring, and a little bit of lo-mei is perfect in the world! Eh! Here comes the point, what Lan Lan brings to you today is the braised duck neck! Not much to say, easy-to-find ingredients, simple steps, let you eat duck necks and drink beer, and feel the passion of Rio this summer!


Homemade Delicious Duck Neck

1. Wash the duck neck, put it in cold water, and blanch it until it changes color

Homemade Delicious Duck Neck recipe

2. Blanch the hot water from the duck neck, remove the blood foam, and grill again

Homemade Delicious Duck Neck recipe

3. Add all the seasonings and simmer for 10 minutes

Homemade Delicious Duck Neck recipe

4. Add the duck neck and simmer for 30 minutes, let cool, remove, and cut into pieces.

Homemade Delicious Duck Neck recipe


Simmer slowly


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