Spicy Braised Duck Neck

Spicy Braised Duck Neck

by Little idiot

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Duck neck is rich in nutrients, and eating duck neck often can play a very good health and health effect. Duck neck has the effect of nourishing yin and tonifying deficiency and nourishing blood and qi. Often eating duck neck can also have the equivalent effect of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and improving eyesight and soothe the nerves. In addition, duck neck also has benefits such as beauty and weight loss. Today, this spicy duck neck is marinated with Jiuyang Iron Kettle 3. I really want to praise this iron kettle. Its most outstanding performance is the iron inner pot. It's great to use it to marinate meat. Everyone knows how to use an iron pan to stew something fragrant, right? This is the principle. Jiuyang Iron Kettle-it has.


Spicy Braised Duck Neck

1. The duck neck is washed clean and divided into two from the middle. Green onions, ginger slices, star anise. Cinnamon, red pepper, sesame pepper, bay leaves, fennel seeds are ready.

Spicy Braised Duck Neck recipe

2. In a pot of cold water, boil off the blood foam and cook for 3 minutes to remove the controlled water.

Spicy Braised Duck Neck recipe

3. Heat an appropriate amount of oil in the pan, add all the seasonings and fry them to create a fragrance.

Spicy Braised Duck Neck recipe

4. Dried duck neck and stir-fry in a pan for one minute.

Spicy Braised Duck Neck recipe

5. Put it into the iron liner of the rice cooker, add cooking wine, light soy sauce, dark soy sauce, and salt. Add water equal to the duck's neck.

Spicy Braised Duck Neck recipe

6. Put it into a pot with grooves on both sides, the design is really intimate and in place.

Spicy Braised Duck Neck recipe

7. Turn on the steaming function of the rice cooker, and then select 40 minutes.

Spicy Braised Duck Neck recipe

8. There is also a thoughtful countdown function, so if you are doing other things, you can count how long it will be in the pot.

Spicy Braised Duck Neck recipe

9. The function is over and the spicy duck neck is ready. The iron inner pot is stewed and it is fragrant.

Spicy Braised Duck Neck recipe

10. Hot and spicy and fragrant

Spicy Braised Duck Neck recipe


Spicy seasoning can be put according to the degree you like. If you want more flavor, you can soak the duck neck in the soup for a few hours or overnight before eating it.


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