Spicy Duck Neck

Spicy Duck Neck

by Sweet talk

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Spicy Duck Neck

1. Spice spare

Spicy Duck Neck recipe

2. Clean the duck neck and blanch it first

Spicy Duck Neck recipe

3. Put an appropriate amount of water in another pot, add the spices shown in Figure 1 and add the sauce, cooking wine, salt, and rock sugar

Spicy Duck Neck recipe

4. Pour in soy sauce

Spicy Duck Neck recipe

5. Then add the duck neck and bring to a boil

Spicy Duck Neck recipe

6. Change to low heat and simmer for half an hour. After turning off the heat, let it soak in the pot for 5 hours.

Spicy Duck Neck recipe


You can put the used broth soup in the refrigerator and use it again next time. If the soup is not enough, you can add more water and seasoning.


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