Homemade Wine

Homemade Wine

by Xiaoyu Kitchen

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This was done a long time ago and has not been released. The most important thing is the safety and sanitation of the self-made, which is not comparable to those who bought a few hundred yuan, but it takes time and trouble to make it by yourself. But it is still very gratifying to see the results.


Homemade Wine

1. Buy ten catties of grapes and cut them one by one with scissors, soak them in salt water and wash the skins with flour. If the damaged grapes cannot be used, save them for eating

Homemade Wine recipe

2. Dry all separately, without any moisture

Homemade Wine recipe

3. (I missed a process of pinching grapes) The washed grapes are ready. Use a clean container, preferably glass or ceramic. Never use plastic or iron. Because alcohol will be produced during the fermentation process, it will react, and drinking the grapes made is harmful to the human body. Crush all the grapes into a clean, water- and oil-free glass container. Add 3 kg of sugar. Wait for natural fermentation. The mouth of the bottle should be sealed. But after a few days, you have to open it and take a look, and get some air in properly. Otherwise, the alcohol will explode if it keeps fermenting. Until no bubbles are generated. Approximately 25 days, depending on the local temperature, it will ferment for a week if the temperature is low

Homemade Wine recipe

4. Prepare a clean, oil-free and water-free ceramic container. The fermented grapes are filtered. Gauze or clean stockings can be used for the filter cloth. But it must be disinfected with boiling water and then dried to filter

Homemade Wine recipe

5. All filtered. A big pot

Homemade Wine recipe

6. Pour it back into the wine container and wait for the second fermentation. The lid cannot be sealed at this time. Because it will ferment to produce bubbles. Until there are no air bubbles, they can be separated and put in the refrigerator so that they will no longer ferment. You can drink it after another 10 days

Homemade Wine recipe

7. Finished product. The color is very beautiful, mellow and intoxicating

Homemade Wine recipe


If the grapes are grown by yourself without pesticides, you can just wash them casually. Because the hoarfrost on the grape skin is natural fermentation yeast, if it is grapes bought outside. If you are not at ease, it is better to wash it thoroughly with flour, and then soak it in salt water. If it does not ferment in the process, you can add a little Angel yeast appropriately, and it will ferment.
It is best to use that kind of big rock candy if possible, it is said that it will taste better.
The longer the time, the more fragrant the wine will be.
If you don't want to be so sweet, put 1 jin and a half or 2 jin of sugar.


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