Grape and Red Bean Stuffing Toast

Grape and Red Bean Stuffing Toast

by Baiyun is still a cloud in the depths (from Tencent.)

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The ice bread at 5°C is simple and easy to make. The texture of the finished product is dense and soft. The unique "noodle" flavor is pleasant and the mouthfeel is full of elasticity, which is my favorite. Generally, the liquid dough is stirred the day before and put in the refrigerator. Take it out at noon the next day and mix it with other ingredients. After a kneading procedure, add butter and stir for another 20 minutes, and it's basically done. Cover it with a damp cloth and leave it to ferment at room temperature. Put the dough in the refrigerator when you go to work, and then go home from get off work in the evening to divide and bake. The rest time is interspersed and does not take up any time.


Grape and Red Bean Stuffing Toast

1. Mix the ingredients milk, sugar, eggs, flour, yeast, salt, and soup dough until the expansion stage, that is, the dough will break and become smooth and then add butter to the complete stage to pull out the film and ferment to double its size. Dip your fingers in the flour and insert it into the dough, and the fermentation will be completed without shrinking

Grape and Red Bean Stuffing Toast recipe

2. Divide into six doughs and round them for 20 minutes

Grape and Red Bean Stuffing Toast recipe

3. Roll out the dough into strips, spread red bean paste and raisins, and roll into a cylindrical shape

Grape and Red Bean Stuffing Toast recipe

4. Braided, pay attention to pinch the ends

Grape and Red Bean Stuffing Toast recipe

5. Put it in the toast box and ferment until it is nine minutes full, brush with egg liquid, put it in the oven and heat 140℃ and lower the heat to 220℃, bake for about 35 minutes, and cool down immediately after baking.

Grape and Red Bean Stuffing Toast recipe


Preparation of liquid dough: 150 grams each of flour and water, add 1 gram of yeast and stir evenly, ferment at room temperature until small bubbles appear, put it in a refrigerator at 5°C for at least 16 hours, and set aside. (The amount of two 450g toasts)


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