Nutritious Fruit and Vegetable Soup

Nutritious Fruit and Vegetable Soup

by Leaf's Little Chef

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I once told my friends that I would eat more than 25 kinds of food a day, and my friends said how to do it. In fact, it’s really not difficult to do it. Make a five-grain porridge in the morning and add a cup of this vegetable and fruit energy soup to share today. I ate more than 20 kinds of food in one go. Not only did the food diversify, but the food that was hard to eat usually turned into a soup with a good taste, and it was easy to drink it. If you insist on drinking it every day, you will feel refreshed. Yo, so it's called energy soup.
My cooking machine is not fine enough. If the cooking machine is very good, it is recommended to make this energy soup fruit without peeling and removing the core. You can directly beat it. Eating whole food has better nutrition. Of course, the fruits and vegetables should be cleaned very cleanly. , It would be better if organic food can be bought. The fruit and vegetable energy soup recommended today can be matched with various combinations according to your taste. Vegetables, fruits and dried fruits are added to neutralize the cold and heat properties. Drink the energy soup immediately after playing, so as not to oxidize. To make a long story short, the leaves are here to start a discussion, hoping that more people will care for health and pay attention to reasonable diet. Let's take a look at the specific approach.


Nutritious Fruit and Vegetable Soup

1. Prepare the raw materials

Nutritious Fruit and Vegetable Soup recipe

2. Blanch the broccoli for later use

Nutritious Fruit and Vegetable Soup recipe

3. Peel the tomatoes and cut into pieces, and cut the carrots into pieces

Nutritious Fruit and Vegetable Soup recipe

4. Peel and core the apple and cut into pieces

Nutritious Fruit and Vegetable Soup recipe

5. Grape peeled and seeded

Nutritious Fruit and Vegetable Soup recipe

6. Pour all the ingredients into the cooking machine barrel

Nutritious Fruit and Vegetable Soup recipe

7. Turn on the super fine function, play for 30 seconds, stop for a few seconds and then play for 30 seconds, the nutritious and delicious energy soup is ready

Nutritious Fruit and Vegetable Soup recipe


1. Choose fruits and vegetables according to your taste. It is recommended to mix vegetables, fruits and dried fruits. Do not use too much dried fruits;
2. Pour the cold white boil in the normal cooking process, and then put the processed fruits into the cold boiled boil to avoid oxidation;
3. Cool boiled water can be replaced by water juice, which tastes better and more nutritious.


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