Vitality Soup

Vitality Soup

by Ying Zi Ying Zi Ye July

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It integrates seven ingredients of vegetables, fruits, fruits, and grains, and incorporates the nutrition and essence of the seven ingredients. It is a classic combination in living diet and therapy, which can make the body energetic. The fruits and vegetables contained in this energy soup contain a variety of phytochemicals and Dietary fiber, peanuts and cashews, these two nuts contain unsaturated fatty acids and fat-soluble nutrients, which are the main source of essential nutrients for the human body. Oats are known as the king of grains and have medical value and health care effects for lowering blood pressure and cholesterol.


Vitality Soup

1. 1. Wash carrots, celery, apples and grapes and cut into pieces;

Vitality Soup recipe

2. Put it into the food processor and make it into energy soup

Vitality Soup recipe

3. After finishing, pour out and adjust the taste with honey

Vitality Soup recipe


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