Honey Red Beans

Honey Red Beans

by Lingling

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The honey red beans are delicious whether they are eaten directly or made with other fillings. Honey bean buns, honey bean toast, and honey bean puff pastry are all indispensable. Generally, the honey red beans that are bought are somewhat hard, and I like them the most. This kind of mouthful, no matter the texture or the taste, I really made the best one by myself."


Honey Red Beans

1. Soak the red beans 24h in advance,

Honey Red Beans recipe

2. Put all the ingredients in a cast iron pot,

Honey Red Beans recipe

3. Boil for about one and a half hours, (the red beans still keep their original shape and melt in the mouth)

Honey Red Beans recipe

4. Strain the excess soup and control the moisture slightly (don’t lose the soup, it’s best with Yuanzi)

Honey Red Beans recipe

5. Add 30g white sugar,

Honey Red Beans recipe

6. Mix well, keep it tightly sealed and refrigerate.

Honey Red Beans recipe


The prepared honey red beans can be stored for a long time in the refrigerator. The self-made red beans have a lot of moisture and cannot be directly used for baking. When using it, put it in the oven or the microwave for a little drying. You can use it; if you like the graininess The honey red beans will be cooked for a while. The cast iron pot I use is better to cook thoroughly. For other pots, you can control the time according to your own habits.


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