Hot Pot

Hot Pot

by Baiyin Shiqi

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Two people do not like to cook at home, hot pot is the best choice O(∩_∩)O

Hot Pot

1. Add six bowls of water to the pot, add the prepared green onions, dried chilies, and goji berries

Hot Pot recipe

2. Prepare two Knorr soup treasures

Hot Pot recipe

3. Add the thick soup treasure to the pot

Hot Pot recipe

4. Just boil it and you can eat it, isn’t it a simple bottom of the pot?

Hot Pot recipe

5. Squid is gutted and cleaned

Hot Pot recipe

6. Prepare all kinds of meatballs you like

Hot Pot recipe

7. Tear enoki mushrooms into strips and slice shiitake mushrooms

Hot Pot recipe

8. The clams are soaked in light salt water for two hours in advance to spit mud

Hot Pot recipe

9. Cut tofu into pieces, wash chrysanthemum chrysanthemum

Hot Pot recipe

10. Get ready for fat cow

Hot Pot recipe

11. Prepare your favorite sauce and start eating

Hot Pot recipe


The bottom of this pot is very simple, just prepare two Knorr soup treasures. O(∩_∩)O


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