Hummus Fancy Bread

Hummus Fancy Bread

by Yuchi Pink

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I wanted to simply make a few bean paste buns, but when I was undergoing plastic surgery, I made this fancy bread on a whim. Well, after making it, it feels very eye-catching. It is much more beautiful than the simple bean paste buns. . The bread is made beautiful, and looking at these flowery breads, I feel much better.


Hummus Fancy Bread

1. Put all the ingredients except butter together and knead until the dough becomes gluten and the surface is smooth (I used the bread machine kneading program)

2. After adding the butter and kneading, the dough is fermented at a basic level. When it is about twice as large, insert the high flour into the dough, the small hole does not shrink, the dough does not collapse, and the fermentation is over.

3. Take out the dough, press and vent it lightly, divide it into 12 small doughs, about 60g/piece, round and relax for 15 minutes

Hummus Fancy Bread recipe

4. Roll out the loosened dough into a round piece, turn it over and wrap it with red bean paste

5. Leave the center position, use scissors to cut out 8 openings of the dough wrapped in orange filling

Hummus Fancy Bread recipe

6. Arrange the dough on the baking tray and leave the dough for the final fermentation

7. Finally, the fermentation is over, the surface is brushed with egg liquid, and an appropriate amount of crispy grains is placed in the center for decoration

8. Put into a preheated 180℃ oven, middle level, upper and lower fire, 15 minutes

Hummus Fancy Bread recipe
Hummus Fancy Bread recipe
Hummus Fancy Bread recipe


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