Koi Coconut Milk Rice Cake

Koi Coconut Milk Rice Cake

by yiyi mother

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The footsteps of the New Year are getting closer, and the dishes for the New Year must also be prepared.

Let's have a koi rice cake first, auspicious auspicious omen!


Koi Coconut Milk Rice Cake

1. 1. Mix coconut milk and milk, add white sugar, heat on low heat until all the sugar is melted, let cool and set aside;
2. Mix the water-milled glutinous rice flour and the orange powder, sieve them, and pour them into the coconut milk liquid;
3. Stir evenly with a whisk until there are no particles;
4. Add corn oil and stir evenly;

Koi Coconut Milk Rice Cake recipe

2. 5. Brush the mold with a thin layer of oil;
6. Paint red pigment on fish tails, fins and other parts;
7. Pour the glutinous rice paste into the mold;
8. Put the mold into the steamer, put a wet towel under the mold on the uneven part, and keep the mold level;
9. Bring the water to a boil on high fire, turn to low heat, cover the outside of the pot with a towel to prevent heat loss, and steam for 1 hour;
10. Take it out and let it cool, demould, and apply melted dark chocolate to the eyes.

Koi Coconut Milk Rice Cake recipe


Coconut milk is very thick and has no sweetness. The coconut flavor is very strong, not the kind of coconut milk that you usually drink.


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