Korean Kimchi Soup

Korean Kimchi Soup

by Food·Color

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Convenient food from bibigo. Kimchi soup for 1-2 people. Never tried it, don't know what's inside. Looking at the packaging over and over again, there is a clear mark that it is sauce bun + soup bun. I was wondering if I need to prepare vegetables, vegetables and meat by myself and cook with the contents of the miso soup bag, and I saw a line of small characters "Super worry-free: a variety of ingredients have been added to the soup bag, no need to deal with the ingredients". That said, there is everything in it, and the rest is heating and eating?
Such a simple and easy-to-use convenience food, try it the next day. With that sentence at the bottom, nothing was prepared. Open the package directly and take out two small packages. "There are abundant ingredients" printed on the soup bag is even more reassuring. The solid was poured into the pot along with the soup, but his eyes widened. Four or five slices of tofu, two or three kelp shreds. I was unwilling to scrape out the dregs on the inner wall of the soup bag together, and I couldn't see more large pieces of food.
Let's take a look at the sauce bag again. As soon as you open the bag, you can see the red sauce, which is especially red against the packaging. It feels very spicy. The sauce packet is nothing more than sauce and small pieces of spicy cabbage. Mixed in the soup, there is still too much distance from the rich ingredients in imagination.
I didn't prepare anything. I looked up and saw that the leftover kelp was used on the table and added it to make up the number.
It doesn't take much time, and the added seaweed doesn't need to be boiled for a long time. It only takes 5 minutes to boil. Turn off the heat, and even if you add a pinch of kelp, the kimchi soup looks thin and clean. When I looked up and saw the sample picture of the outer packaging, it was called a Fengsheng. There is really no harm without comparison. . . . "


Korean Kimchi Soup

1. Ingredients: 1 packet of Bibigo kimchi soup, a little water-fat kelp

Korean Kimchi Soup recipe

2. Remove the outer packaging of the kimchi soup, take out the soup packet and the sauce packet.

Korean Kimchi Soup recipe

3. Cut the soup bag and pour the soup into the pot.

Korean Kimchi Soup recipe

4. Cut the sauce bag,

Korean Kimchi Soup recipe

5. Pour the sauce into the pot,

Korean Kimchi Soup recipe

6. Add water-fat kelp,

Korean Kimchi Soup recipe

7. Put it on the fire, heat the fire to boiling,

Korean Kimchi Soup recipe

8. Turn to medium and low heat and continue to cook for 5 minutes.

Korean Kimchi Soup recipe

9. Take out and serve while hot.

Korean Kimchi Soup recipe


Bibigo’s Kimchi Soup contains few ingredients, so you need to add ingredients according to your preferences.
The soup dumplings are all cooked products and can be eaten after heating.


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