Lentil Braised Noodles

Lentil Braised Noodles

by Luo Shengtang

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The noodles taste good and oily, the lentils are soft and rotten, the meat slices are fragrant, and they are paired with vinegar and garlic sauce. You can make sure you like it if you like to eat pasta


Lentil Braised Noodles

1. Sit on the steamer, shake the noodles evenly and put them in the steamer for ten minutes, then take the noodles out on the case and shake them, not sticky. If they are all big noodles, you can pour them out and open a bag of chicken. The instant noodles with stewed mushrooms are just fine. After shaking, steam for three minutes without opening the lid. Keep the temperature first. The thinner the noodles, the better. The best steamed noodles will look like hot exploded heads. Take out the noodles and mix them with sesame oil, it will be more fragrant, but it’s better to use less oil for now

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

2. While steaming the noodles, remove the silk from both ends of the lentils, wash and break them into small pieces, and cut the pork belly into small pieces. The main effect is to increase the fragrance and oiliness, so you don't need to put too much. Of course, you can put more if you like.

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

3. Sit in the pot and add oil. The amount of oil is slightly larger than the amount of cooking. After all, it is the staple food. Then stir-fry the meat, add the sliced green onion, ginger, garlic, cook, add rice and wine until fragrant, add the lentils and stir-fry for one minute. During this period, the fire has been high, and then pour the soy sauce to explode the fragrance, add more soy sauce, and then spread the lentils in a pot and add hot water, and the water will reach the level of the lentils. Bring to a high heat and simmer over medium heat.

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

4. While braising the lentils, let’s make a vinegar garlic sauce. As a sauce for braised noodles, the taste will improve a lot. It’s best to smash the garlic with the tool in the photo, so that the taste is enough. Then just pour the vinegar and stir. Evenly, pour it into a bowl, and finally drop a few drops of sesame oil on it

5. Ten minutes later, the water is less, and the lentils have matured in half or six times. Then open the lid and add salt. Remember, the salt should be less, because the soy sauce is too much, and the salty is more salty. Put the salt, mix well, put out about half of the soup in the pot and set aside, then flatten the lentils, shake the steamed noodles in the pot and place them evenly on the lentils, cover the lentils completely, and cover the lid. , Simmer over medium heat

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe

6. When the water is about to simmer (check it often, at this time it is easy to mash), sprinkle the portion of the original soup in the bowl evenly on the noodles, and then simmer for a few minutes until the water is dry and turn off the heat Can

Lentil Braised Noodles recipe


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