Lettuce in Oil

Lettuce in Oil

by Dance Spirit 1027

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Lettuce can be eaten raw, or after overheating, add seasoning and eat with it. Well, how to do it is our son's favorite. How much do the children of lettuce control love this delicacy? Simple yet delicious.


Lettuce in Oil

1. The lettuce is soaked in light salt water, washed clean and drained

Lettuce in Oil recipe

2. Add a little purified water and a little sugar to the light soy sauce, mix well and set aside

Lettuce in Oil recipe

3. Pour the oil into a small bowl

Lettuce in Oil recipe

4. Put it in the microwave on medium-high heat for about 2 minutes

Lettuce in Oil recipe

5. Pour it into the soy sauce bowl before it is hot

Lettuce in Oil recipe

6. Stir it with chopsticks

Lettuce in Oil recipe

7. In another pot, boil water and put a few drops of oil

Lettuce in Oil recipe

8. Blanch the lettuce until it just changes color

Lettuce in Oil recipe

9. Drain and serve

Lettuce in Oil recipe

10. Put a little medlar for garnish, then pour the steamed fish soy sauce that has just been processed, and mix well when you eat

Lettuce in Oil recipe


When boiling the lettuce, add a few drops of oil to the water to preserve the color of the dish. Don’t use too much steamed fish soy sauce. If it’s too salty, add a little pure water and hot oil into the light soy sauce to make the seasoning more delicious.

This recipe uses Midea's smart microwave oven, model X3-L239C, capacity 23L, power 900W, please adjust the heating time appropriately according to the power and temperature difference of your own microwave oven.


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