Lotus Root Bone Soup

Lotus Root Bone Soup

by Xiaoqi Feifei

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Boiled lotus root and pork bones, nutritious and delicious double harvest! The boiled lotus root is soft and waxy. The soup has a hint of sweetness, and it tastes meaty and not greasy. It is especially suitable for summer when you have no appetite. Drinking it can also strengthen the spleen and appetite!


Lotus Root Bone Soup

1. Prepare two lotus root sections and a piece of bone-in pork

Lotus Root Bone Soup recipe

2. Wash the lotus root, scrape and peel

Lotus Root Bone Soup recipe

3. Cut the pig bones into small pieces, soak them in bleeding water, wash them, and cut them into pieces.

Lotus Root Bone Soup recipe

4. Pour them into an electric pressure cooker and pour some water and salt into the soup. That's it.

Lotus Root Bone Soup recipe


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