Poached Bean Dampness Soup

Poached Bean Dampness Soup

by Black cat sheriff kitchen

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Cantonese people love to drink soup sincerely. Different seasons and different ingredients are matched. So the bowl of soup before my meal gives me the motivation to publish recipes. Spring is relatively humid, which is what the old people say is "moisture". Don't ask why. Because southerners pay attention to drinking soup and focus on health preservation, recently all kinds of damp-removing ingredients have been piled up in the refrigerator. Sorry for the stockpiled goods without consuming a little, let’s have a bowl of health soup.


Poached Bean Dampness Soup

1. These are the materials. The white square is Poria, and the iron rod is peeled and cut into small sections.

Poached Bean Dampness Soup recipe

2. After washing the bones, place them in a pot of cold water and blanch them again.

Poached Bean Dampness Soup recipe

3. Wash these items and soak them in water.

Poached Bean Dampness Soup recipe

4. Why should bones be blanched? Because you can get rid of the dirt and part of the blood on the surface, you can also avoid this step (of course I don't recommend it, haha).

Poached Bean Dampness Soup recipe

5. Then put all the above ingredients into the soup pot, pour in the right amount of water and turn on the fire. After the high fire boils, let it boil for 15 minutes and turn to a low heat for 30 minutes.

Poached Bean Dampness Soup recipe

6. A thick pot of soup, all of the essence, hahaha, see that the color has become a little bit pink, then turn to high heat and add salt, and turn off the heat after boiling.

Poached Bean Dampness Soup recipe


Poached beans, also called kidney beans, are powdery when eaten. They can dispel dampness, nourish blood and invigorate the stomach. If you like to make soup at home, you can keep some. It's spring. If you want to get rid of dampness, drink more bowls.


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