Corn Pumpkin Soup

Corn Pumpkin Soup

by Xiaoyu Kitchen

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I have been drinking soup these days. I also changed the ingredients. I really like adding pumpkin to the soup. It is too sweet. I didn't add salt to it. The autumn season is relatively dry. Drink soup to beautify your face.


Corn Pumpkin Soup

1. Wash the big bones with clean water, bubble blood, and clean them repeatedly

Corn Pumpkin Soup recipe

2. Put it in a soup pot and slap three pieces of ginger into it

Corn Pumpkin Soup recipe

3. Inject the same amount of clean water

Corn Pumpkin Soup recipe

4. Plug in and choose to cook soup for two hours

Corn Pumpkin Soup recipe

5. Original drawing material of pumpkin and corn

Corn Pumpkin Soup recipe

6. Peel the pumpkin, wash and cut into large pieces, cut the corn into pieces and set aside

Corn Pumpkin Soup recipe

7. Wait until the soup has been boiling for an hour before adding corn, and continue to cook the soup for half an hour

Corn Pumpkin Soup recipe

8. Add the pumpkin when there are 30 minutes left, and cook for another 10 minutes.

Corn Pumpkin Soup recipe

9. If you like to put salt, you can add salt, it tastes great

Corn Pumpkin Soup recipe


Add enough water at one time, and do not add water in the middle.


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