Old Fire Soup

Old Fire Soup

by Snow ice girl

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1h 30m



Bought half a chicken and stewed seahorse and left the chicken rack to make soup the next day


Old Fire Soup

1. Wash chicken racks and bones

Old Fire Soup recipe

2. All medicinal materials are ready

Old Fire Soup recipe

3. Chicken racks and bones fall out of water

Old Fire Soup recipe

4. Cut corn and carrot into pieces, and return all the bones to the soup pot, add enough water and 1 tablespoon of cooking wine

Old Fire Soup recipe

5. The fire opened up into the medicinal materials

Old Fire Soup recipe

6. Turn to low heat and cook for more than 60 minutes

Old Fire Soup recipe

7. Add salt to the pan

Old Fire Soup recipe


Lao Huo Liang Soup should be simmered for at least 1 hour


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