Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit

Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit

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The weather is so hot, to cool down everyone, it is very suitable for summer lychee iced drink + sago fruit fishing, let you refresh the "summer".


Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit

1. The lychees are shelled and cored, put in the refrigerator for more than 1 hour, and the pulp is frozen.

Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit recipe

2. Pour the pulp into the food processor, then pour 150 grams of water, condensed milk A, and stir to break up.

Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit recipe

3. Pour the juice into a cup, add a slice of lemon, and sprinkle with dark chocolate chips.

Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit recipe

4. Boil the sago into the water and cook for about 15 minutes on medium heat until there is only a tiny white core in the middle of the sago grains. Turn off the heat and cover and simmer for about 20 minutes until the sago becomes transparent. Drain with cold water before using it. Taste More Q

Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit recipe

5. Seasonal sweet fruits (because there are yogurt in the ingredients, it is not recommended to use fruits with a strong sour taste) and processed into small pieces.

Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit recipe

6. Mango processing: Cut into two pieces along the core, draw a cross knife on the flesh, push the flesh out with your fingers and cut it off with a knife.

Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit recipe

7. The cut fruits are arranged on the plate, the sago is added to the fruit plate and topped with yogurt.

Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit recipe

8. Top with condensed milk B, and the sago fruit is ready.

Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit recipe

9. Pair it with your favorite ice drink, come quickly and have a refreshing "summer".

Lychee Ice Drink + Sago Fruit recipe


Three points of explanation:
1. The condensed milk A and condensed milk B in the recipe are the same kind of condensed milk, and the difference is only for the convenience of distinguishing the dosage.
2. Step 4. After turning off the heat, the time for braising sago can be increased or shortened according to different sago, and finally the sago will become transparent.
3. In the lychee ice drink, the amount of water and pulp can be freely matched. If you like to be clearer, add more water, and if it is thicker, add less water, and increase or decrease the amount of condensed milk or honey.
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