Matsutake Bone Soup

Matsutake Bone Soup

by Xiaoxiao!

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The matsutake bone soup made with soybeans and scallops is delicious and fragrant. It's so delicious


Matsutake Bone Soup

1. Ingredients preparation

Matsutake Bone Soup recipe

2. Put the bobbin bones in a pot to boil to remove the blood

Matsutake Bone Soup recipe

3. Put the scallops, soybeans and matsutake in the pot

Matsutake Bone Soup recipe

4. Put in the bones that have been cleaned with blood

Matsutake Bone Soup recipe

5. Add appropriate amount of water

Matsutake Bone Soup recipe

6. Close the lid and plug in the power supply, select the meat button and wait for three hours

Matsutake Bone Soup recipe

7. After three hours, season with salt and serve

Matsutake Bone Soup recipe


Dried scallops are the key to the whole bowl of soup, so don’t miss it


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