Matsutake Stewed Rice

Matsutake Stewed Rice

by Leyla REIRA

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Personal favorite home-cooked matsutake, share with everyone.


Matsutake Stewed Rice

1. The main materials are ready;

Matsutake Stewed Rice recipe

2. Wash the rice for later use;

Matsutake Stewed Rice recipe

3. Cut part of the matsutake into pieces, and a small part of it for use;

Matsutake Stewed Rice recipe

4. Heat butter in a stone pot, add matsutake and carrots and stir fry until fragrant;

Matsutake Stewed Rice recipe

5. Then put in the washed rice, add enough water, and order two spoons of soy sauce to enhance the flavor. If there is chicken broth, you can also add some chicken broth;

Matsutake Stewed Rice recipe

6. Boil on low heat until the moisture is dry; when it is almost cooked, you can turn it and continue to cook, because the ingredients will float up, turn it over, and it will be better;

Matsutake Stewed Rice recipe

7. Spread matsutake slices on the cooked rice;

Matsutake Stewed Rice recipe

8. Turn off the lid and simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Matsutake Stewed Rice recipe


1. The simmered rice is a little bit dry, and the aroma is stronger;
2. For those with green onions, sprinkle some green onions to enhance the flavor.


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