Matsutake Chicken Soup

Matsutake Chicken Soup

by Leyla REIRA

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Matsutake is one of the most homemade and delicious recipes.


Matsutake Chicken Soup

1. The main materials are ready;

Matsutake Chicken Soup recipe

2. Cut fresh chicken into large pieces for later use;

Matsutake Chicken Soup recipe

3. Boil water in a boiling water pot, drain and remove;

Matsutake Chicken Soup recipe

4. Remove the soil from the roots of Matsutake, wipe it clean and slice it slightly;

Matsutake Chicken Soup recipe

5. Put the matsutake slices, blanched chicken nuggets, and ginger slices into the soup pot. Adjust the soup time according to the size of the chicken. It should not be too long. The best chicken is delicious and tender;

Matsutake Chicken Soup recipe

6. You can add some salt when boiling, don't add too much, and season it after boiling.

Matsutake Chicken Soup recipe


1. The chicken must be blanched.
2. The brown fungus coating on the surface of Matsutake is rich in nutrients, so don't remove it. Just deal with the roots.


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