Meat Jelly

Meat Jelly

by Milk tea ink ink

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Pork skin is the most disgusting part of pigs, but when it is made into pork skin jelly, I immediately feel that it has become taller, and I like it very much. Is this the psychology of eating goods? ! ! !


Meat Jelly

1. Prepare pig skin and spices.

Meat Jelly recipe

2. Wrap the spices with gauze and tie them with string. (The ready-made spice box is more convenient. Unfortunately, Momo’s family does not have it)

Meat Jelly recipe

3. Clean the pigskin, if it is too big, you can cut it open and put cold water into the pot. (Remove the pig hair when cleaning)

Meat Jelly recipe

4. Cook on high heat for 10 minutes, until the pork skin changes color and becomes soft.

Meat Jelly recipe

5. Scrape out the fat inside with a knife, and scrape it several times to clean it.

Meat Jelly recipe

6. After scraping the pigskin, wash it clean and cut into filaments. (Or cut into small pieces, depending on your preference)

Meat Jelly recipe

7. Put the cut pork skin into the pot, add 3 to 4 times the water, put in the spice bag, add appropriate amount of salt and cooking wine, boil on high heat, turn to low heat, and simmer for about 1 hour until the soup thickens.

Meat Jelly recipe

8. Take out the spice packet, wait for the soup to cool, pour it into a lunch box, seal it, and put it in the refrigerator until the meat skin soup is frozen.

Meat Jelly recipe


The prepared jelly can be cut into pieces or slices according to your preference, mixed with garlic juice and balsamic vinegar, and sprinkled with coriander, and it becomes an exquisite cold dish!


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