Xiao Long Tang Bao

Xiao Long Tang Bao

by Ocean moon

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The method of Xiaolong Tangbao is more complicated. The process is very cumbersome, and the storage time after steaming should not be too long, and it should be eaten while it is hot. It is not like the steamed noodle buns, which is why many bun shops have cancelled this variety.


Xiao Long Tang Bao

1. Put the pork skin into a pot of boiling water to remove the peculiar smell. Take out the cold water and cool it off, scrape the fat and miscellaneous hair with a knife, and clean it

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

2. Add water and chicken broth to the pot (you can add some chicken powder if there is no chicken broth), smash the ginger with a knife, knot the green onion and put the skin into the pot and cook together

3. Cook until the skin is soft and rotten, remove it, use a blender to smash the skin, put it in the pot and cook again until the soup is thick, remove the green onion and ginger, add a little salt to adjust the bottom (a little salty taste is enough )

4. Pour into a bowl to cool and put it in a refrigerator to let it solidify into skin jelly, cut a piece of skin jelly, you can see the ratio of skin to water. If it is too thick, it will be sticky, and if it is too thin, it will easily produce water when the filling is made.

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

5. Grind the pork belly into minced meat, add MSG, soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, salt, pepper, green onion, and minced ginger and stir well

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

6. Stir the skin jelly into granules, add in and stir evenly to form the filling

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

7. After mixing the flour with cold water, wake up for a while, then knead it into a dough, knead it into a slender strip, pull it into an agent, and use a rolling pin to roll it into a round leather

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

8. After putting the stuffing into the skin, cooperate with both hands. While pinching the pleats with the right hand, the left hand should also be rotated and shaped to form a crucian carp mouth-shaped bun.

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

9. Pinch all the fillings and skins and set aside

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe

10. Steam on a drawer for about 8 minutes to see steamed buns. When the soup is full of moisture, take it out and serve.

Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe
Xiao Long Tang Bao recipe


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