Medicated Beauty Porridge

Medicated Beauty Porridge

by Tian Luo girl

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When I was a child, my biggest wish was to become a doctor. Later, I found out that my father’s myopia was born with myopia. Now I didn’t expect anything... So my biggest wish was to have my own herbal medicine shop, which cuts medicines and prepares weighing formulas every day. How happy~ I still remember going to the ancient city of Pingyao with my dad when I was in the third grade of elementary school. When everyone was taking pictures of local customs, I just took my dad to take a photo with the small shopkeeper of the Shengyao shop. I also took it. Wearing his hat and holding his small scale. Later in the senior year when she was at the same table, she had to drink medicine every day. She didn’t like the taste of Chinese medicine, but I liked it very much. Every time I had to smell it for a while before letting her drink it, she vowed to say that she wouldn’t be so drunk if she drank it. Because of the suffering, I sucked it in. When I arrived at the university, I found that Hangzhou people attach great importance to Chinese medicine. The three major medical centers in Hangzhou have even overshadowed a number of hospitals. There will also be a huge ointment festival every year and the distribution of medicated porridge to citizens at Laba. Hu Qingyutang also There is a special Chinese medicine museum, and there is an open day every year. I go there every year, and then I am satisfied with the experience of cutting ginseng slices, burning wax shells, and frying Ejiao. This is Fang Huichuntang’s beauty porridge recipe. Fang Huichuntang is just above Hefang Street. I always make a special trip to fetch a bowl of medicinal tea. Watching the busy dispensing figure on the tall counter, my mother is already over fifty. When she is old, time flies so fast. Looking at her dark hair and smooth skin when she was young, the days are not as good as each day. There is always a kind of inexplicable discomfort. I have given her a lot of skin on her face during vacation. It’s a lot better, but I don’t even know that I am in my fifties. I will try this beauty formula today. Anyway, it’s okay to drink more porridge in winter. It’s essential to restore it from the inside!


Medicated Beauty Porridge

1. Weigh 3 grams of Chuanxiong

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe

2. 5 grams of astragalus

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe

3. 10g angelica

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe

4. Mix it together, put it on top of several layers of gauze, and tie it up

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe

5. Add 1200 grams of chicken broth to the pot, it must be clear broth! Carefully remove all scum and oil, put it in the herbal bag

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe

6. The original formula is 100 grams of japonica rice, I replaced it with miscellaneous grains for health, this is 20 grams of buckwheat

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe

7. 20 grams of sorghum rice

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe

8. Add 30 grams of non-glutinous rice and 30 grams of millet and mix

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe

9. The herbal bag is boiled for half an hour, the color turns slightly to light yellow

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe

10. Then don’t take it out, add in the washed whole grains, cover and cook for half an hour on low heat

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe

11. Then take out the herbal bag, add 2 grams of safflower, open the lid and cook on a low heat. It took me about 15 minutes

Medicated Beauty Porridge recipe


1. First of all, the chicken soup must be clear chicken soup, which is the chicken soup that is usually used for white chicken or Hainanese chicken rice. Adding salt will not be good. If you don’t know how to make it, remove all the fat from the chicken body, wash it and throw it away. Add green onion and ginger to the water and cook for 15 minutes;
2. Be sure to remove all oils, oils in traditional Chinese medicine will not affect the effect too much, but it will cause diarrhea;
3. Choose better prepared Chinese medicine, anyway, it is not more, rather more expensive, without any dust and impurities;
4. Do not exceed 24 hours. The effect of the medicine is not affected. After all, it is boiled out of the plant and it is easy to break;
5. In addition, don't put it in the microwave when heating, just heat it up in water or steam it. This is the medicine habit my mother told me.


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