Melon Fruit Tea

Melon Fruit Tea

by Soft blue crystal

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Drinking beverages in winter, it is best to drink healthy fruit tea. People who are afraid of growing meat want to drink hot drinks, but also consider calories, so milk tea should not be drunk. Therefore, for the sake of health, fruit tea is the best choice. Although it is said to make fruit tea, how can you make tea without putting black tea bags, but there are sisters who do not sleep well and cannot drink tea. Put the tea bag.


Melon Fruit Tea

1. Prepare the fruits you like. I used two kinds of cantaloupe and watermelon.

Melon Fruit Tea recipe

2. Pour the pure water into the health pot, heat it to about 60 degrees, and feel slightly hot.

Melon Fruit Tea recipe

3. Dig all three fruits into balls.

Melon Fruit Tea recipe

4. Put the fruit balls in a drying cup, pour in pure water, and simmer for 20 minutes.

Melon Fruit Tea recipe

5. Finally add honey to taste.

Melon Fruit Tea recipe


The water temperature should not be too high. The fruit flavor will come out after soaking for a while.


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