Mexican Style Tomato Fried Rice

Mexican Style Tomato Fried Rice

by rosejyy2000

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When it comes to fried rice, I always think of leftovers. I occasionally see a video of a famous chef. Listening to him overturns the concept that has always been preserved. The perfect fried rice is fried with fresh rice, so that the rice is fragrant. The fried rice in the hotel is fried with fresh rice. Some people may say that freshly cooked rice is used for stir-frying, which is all boring. The author said that twice-cooked pork is to stir-fry the cooked meat. Isn’t it also a style? Of course, fried rice is also a good way to deal with leftovers. Although the rice is weak, using the ingredients reasonably can also be quite delicious.

From time to time we go to a Mexican restaurant to dine. I don’t like any dishes. I only like their tomato fried rice. Occasionally, I see a few tomato skins in the rice. It smells very fragrant. I understand, I need to use fresh tomatoes. So I wanted to do it myself, and I really did it. It's simple, easy and low-tech, and the colors are harmonious to attract appetite. "


Mexican Style Tomato Fried Rice

1. Put the white rice into the pot and stir-fry on a medium-high heat until the rice grains can beat;

Mexican Style Tomato Fried Rice recipe

2. Dice tomatoes and fry them evenly;

Mexican Style Tomato Fried Rice recipe

3. Hold the tomato wallet together, if you don’t mind, you can skip this step;

Mexican Style Tomato Fried Rice recipe

4. Add 1/2 tsp of salt, 1/3 tsp of sugar, 1/3 tsp of pepper, and 1 tsp of sesame oil. Spread out evenly. Enjoy!

Mexican Style Tomato Fried Rice recipe


1. The rice for fried rice should be cooked slightly harder. After being put into the pot, it must be crushed and there should be no rice balls, but the grains should be distinct;
2. Stir-fry with fresh tomatoes, no need to use too much seasoning, so that the rice will have the umami taste of tomatoes;
3. Tomatoes have a sour taste, and a little sugar should be added to the fried rice to reconcile them;
4. Finally, I will explain to myself that putting sesame oil was a temporary idea by myself. In Lao Mo's restaurant, they did not put sesame oil in their meals.


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