Mini Mushroom Soup Pot

Mini Mushroom Soup Pot

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I used to go to hot pot restaurants. I always like to go to those shops that have small pots. One pot per person is cleaner. This time I am very happy to receive the trial of the thick soup treasure, and I can make a pocket-sized pot bottom at home. I like the delicious bottom of the mushrooms. In winter, the hot pot is warm and warm. Of course, today’s ingredients are definitely not so appetite. I share it with my family. It’s also great to make a small pot on Thanksgiving. of. Happy holidays everyone

Mini Mushroom Soup Pot

1. Prepare all the ingredients, wash the green leafy vegetables and mushrooms, drain and set aside, and slice the carrots

Mini Mushroom Soup Pot recipe

2. Add 800ml of water to the pot and boil

Mini Mushroom Soup Pot recipe

3. Bring water to a boil, add 1 piece of Knorr Pork Bone Soup Flavored Soup Po

Mini Mushroom Soup Pot recipe

4. Bring to a boil in the mini battery stove, add shiitake mushrooms, carrot slices, wolfberry, and corn

Mini Mushroom Soup Pot recipe

5. After boiling, change to low heat and cook for 5 minutes, then add the shabu-shabu, lettuce, enoki mushroom, bamboo wheel, etc.

Mini Mushroom Soup Pot recipe


Shiitake mushrooms can be boiled for a while longer, so that the freshness of mushrooms can penetrate into the soup for a long time. When adding water, add a thick soup treasure. The freshness is more durable. The ingredients can be matched according to your preferences.


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