Mini Sausage Floss Bread

Mini Sausage Floss Bread

by Bubble Fish 1979

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This soup bread refers to the recipe of Hokkaido toast. Because of the addition of light cream, it is full of milk and has the soft texture of toast. It tastes great! Because the two babies don’t eat much, I made very mini ones. The sausages are Taiwanese sausages I made myself. The babies feel at ease.

Mini Sausage Floss Bread

1. Mix 20g of high powder and 110g of water, heat it to 60℃ on low heat, keep stirring until it becomes a thin paste, and let it cool for later use. Put all the ingredients (except butter) into the bread machine in the order of liquid first, then solid, the soup is also considered liquid!

Mini Sausage Floss Bread recipe

2. Start the kneading process. After the 30-minute kneading process is over, the thick film should be torn out. Then add the softened butter and continue kneading for 30 minutes.

Mini Sausage Floss Bread recipe

3. After the procedure is over, it should be possible to tear off the hand film and turn on the fermentation mode. The fermentation will not shrink until it is poked by hand. The fermentation is over

Mini Sausage Floss Bread recipe

4. Take out the dough and knead it into a circle and let it rest for 15 minutes

Mini Sausage Floss Bread recipe

5. Divide into a small dough of about 45g, roll the dough into a triangle, and put sausage on one end

Mini Sausage Floss Bread recipe

6. Roll it up with the mouth facing down, otherwise it will easily fall apart when fermenting. When it is rolled to two thirds, roll out the closed area a little thinner.

Mini Sausage Floss Bread recipe

7. When making pork floss bread, roll the dough into an oval shape, first squeeze the salad dressing (I used Thousand Island sauce), then evenly sprinkle the pork floss, and finally sprinkle with corn and green peas, and then roll it up like sausage bread

Mini Sausage Floss Bread recipe

8. Roll the red bean paste bread into a round slice and wrap it with red bean paste filling. Spread a layer of silicone oil paper on the baking tray, put the bread on it, and leave it in the oven to ferment

Mini Sausage Floss Bread recipe

9. When fermented to 1.5 times the size, take it out, brush with whole egg liquid, and sprinkle with sesame seeds

Mini Sausage Floss Bread recipe

10. Preheat the oven at 180°C, and bake on the top and bottom for about 13 minutes, and the surface can be colored.

Mini Sausage Floss Bread recipe


Sausages and bean paste fillings are prepared and frozen in the refrigerator before. When using them, they must be heated and defrosted in the microwave, otherwise the dough will become hard and there is no way to ferment it again! Dabao likes meat floss bread, Erbao likes sausage bread, I like red bean paste bread, so I made a few of each


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